Events – Seminar on the VivaDerm screening platform, Dr Bernd Fiebich


The next InnCoCells Academy event will be a webinar presented on 28th May 2024 by Dr. Bernd Fiebich from VivaCell GmbH, Germany, on the screening of cosmetic ingredients using the VivaDerm platform.

The InnCoCells project initially focused on the discovery of bioactive plant extracts and the development of scalable plant-based production platforms (cells, hairy roots, aeroponics, field cultivation and industrial side streams) that allowed the production of large amounts of plant biomass containing the ingredients of interest. But as we approach the last phase of the project, the focus must shift towards the confirmation and documentation of safety and efficacy.

This is where the VivaDerm platform comes in, allowing the testing of promising candidates for a range of activities relevant to the cosmetic industry, including anti-aging, pro-regeneration, probiotic, anti-inflammation, skin protection and skin comfort. Dr. Fiebich is CEO and co-founder of VivaCell, and an expert in immunology and inflammatory diseases. He works in the field of natural products, focusing on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of phytomedicines. He has established cellular models of pain and inflammation, which can be used to test candidate pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients.

The event will last one hour and will include a question and answer session.