InnCoCells project public deliverables

Here you can view the official reports setting out the public deliverables of the InnCoCells project

Image credit: hop vines by ILVO

InnCoCells public deliverables

D6.1 – Survey on consumer attitudes 

This deliverable report presents an overview of two surveys carried out by the InnCoCells project to determine the expectations of consumers with regard to cosmetic products and particularly those containing our innovative ingredients.

D7.2 – Project website and social media platforms

This deliverable report describes the development of the project website and the purpose of different parts of the website as well as the various project social media channels (currently active and potential additional platforms in the future).

D7.4 – Leaflet presenting project goals

This deliverable report describes the development of the first leaflet/brochure and the purpose of the different elements it contains. It will be a template for the production of a series of leaflets throughout the project charting its progress.

D7.6 – First industry event including an InnCoCells stand or exhibition

This deliverable report describes the first of many industry events at which the InnCoCells project runs a stall, booth or stand to showcase the project’s aims, specific objectives, results, achievements and participating organizations.