The InnCoCells video series

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Image credit: hop vines by ILVO

InnCoCells video 4

The fourth InnCoCells video has been published! If you’d like to learn more about our progress as we reach the half-way stage of the project, this video features interviews with InnCoCells personnel showcasing the project’s achievements after 2 years of work. Click below to watch the video on YouTube.

InnCoCells video 3

The third InnCoCells video has arrived! This one focuses on commercialization, explaining how the project’s innovative cosmetic ingredients will eventually be included in cosmetic products that consumers can buy. Click below to watch the video on YouTube.

InnCoCells Dream Video

Our latest video is a dream! It provides all the key facts and figures about the InnCoCells project and its ambitious mission to develop innovative cosmetic ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy from plants and plant cells. Click below to watch it on YouTube. Music: Get Back Up – Silent Partner.

InnCoCells video 2

The second InnCoCells video is here! It features short interviews with InnCoCells researchers, including some of our young scientists, explaining how the project will benefit consumers by focusing on sustainability and efficacy. Click below to watch the video on YouTube.

InnCoCells video 1

InnCoCells is launching a new series of videos to provide more information about the project from the perspective of the people working on it. The first video features short interviews with the work package leaders, explaining their roles in the project and the work they are doing. You can watch the video on YouTube below!